Top 55 freshmen heading into the 2023 college softball season

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We saw players like Jordi Behl, Sydney Sanders, Emma Lemley and last season make a huge impact in their freshman years. As we get closer to the fall ball, we want to take a look at 50 names that could be produced in 2023 as first-year players.

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  • Mrs Knowles, INF, Clemson
  • Sophie Garner-McKinnon, RHP, Duke
  • Amina Vega, INF, Duke

“Amina comes across as the highest-ranked recruit in the program’s history,” said Duke head coach Marissa Young. “He is the #1 infielder in the 2022 class, known for his agility, smooth hands, impressive softball IQ and leadership skills. His versatility on the defensive side of the ball will give us depth in many situations. She is a coach among her peers, a student of sports, always looking to better herself and the people around her. Amina is one of the best leadoff hitters with his high base percentage and ability to hit for power in all areas. ,

  • Maddie Balk, RHP, Florida State
  • Amanda Hasler, C, State of North Carolina
  • Eden Bingham, RHP, Virginia
  • Lindsey Green, RHP, Virginia Tech

big ten

  • Lillian Valimont, C, Michigan
  • Bridget Donahey, INF, Northwestern

“Bridget has been playing the game at a high level for a long time,” Northwestern head coach Kate Drohan said. “As a fielder who can play in any position, he is polished and has a lot of versatility. Offensively, Bridget will deliver great power from the right along with a competitive edge that makes her a tough one. ,

  • Hannah Church, C, Ohio State
  • Jordan Ramos, UTL, Purdue
  • Ava Kuszak, INF, Wisconsin

big 12

  • Reilly Crandall, RHP, Baylor
  • Kirsten Deal, LHP, Oklahoma
  • Jocelyn Erickson, C/1B, Oklahoma

“Joclyn is very versatile. He is a left-handed catcher as well as a left-handed first baseman, so he can do special things for us,” said Oklahoma head coach Patty Gaso. Could be a changer. Bringing him on campus and working with (hitting coach) JT (Gasso), getting stronger and working with athletes at this level will be hugely beneficial for him. His mindset will take his game to a whole new level. will be able to go.”

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  • Avery Hodge, INF, Oklahoma
  • Reese Atwood, C, Texas
  • Leigh Goode, INF, Texas
  • Viviana Martinez, INF, Texas
  • Gabrielle Rawls, OF, Texas Tech

pac 12

  • Olivia Dinardo, C, Arizona;
  • Dakota Kennedy, OF, Arizona;
  • Sydney Somerdike, RHP, Arizona;
  • Kylie Magee, RHP, Arizona State
  • Jenna Birch, INF, Oregon State
  • Nizari Kennedy, RHP, Stanford
  • Mahler River, INF, Stanford
  • Megan Grant, INF, UCLA
  • Alexis Ramirez, C, UCLA
  • Taylor Tinsley, RHP/UTL, UCLA

UCLA coach Kelly Inouye-Perez said, “I believe Taylor is the top pitcher in the 2022 class. He has command of multiple pitches in all areas, with a particular focus on his spin and mechanics.” “She is a true competitor who will continue our strong tradition of excellence in the circle for UCLA softball. We are excited to bring her out of Georgia as she has the goal to excel on the field and in the classroom. When she is on campus She will make an instant impact if she steps in.”

  • Jordan Woolery, INF, UCLA
  • Ruby Meulen, RHP, Washington


  • AB Deutscher, INF, Alabama
  • Hannah Camenzind, LHP, Arkansas
  • Reagan Johnson, OF, Arkansas
  • Atalia Rizzo, INF, Arkansas

“Atalia is a middle fielder with some of the best hands in the game. She is a lefty hitter who swings a big bat,” said Arkansas head coach Courtney Deefel. “Atalia has the sense of the game and the competitiveness that makes her One of the best players in the 2022 class.”

  • Cala Pollard, INF, Florida
  • Jaydyn Goodwin, INF, Georgia
  • Destin Howard, RHP, Georgia;
  • Chelsea Mack, OF, Kentucky
  • Massey Bergeron, C, LSU
  • Sidney Berzon, RHP, LSU
  • Josephine Maron, RHP, Mississippi State
  • Natalie Ray, Kay, Ole Miss
  • Taylor Panel, INF, Tennessee
  • Carlin Pickens, HP, Tennessee
  • Ayanna Coleman, INF, Texas A&M
  • Amari Harper, UTL, Texas A&M
  • Kelly Williams, OF, Texas A&M

non power-five players

  • Kayla Berry, RHP, James Madison

“Kylah Berry is a right spin pitcher who excels at mixing places and pace to keep hitters off balance,” said James Madison head coach Lauren Laporte. “She has competed at Travel Ball at a very high level and we look forward to seeing her develop and compete at JMU.”

  • I meet Davis, OF, Louisiana
  • Kylie Griffin, INF, Louisiana;
  • Aubrey Evans, INF, UCF

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