Sidney Crosby, ‘Sharp as ever,’ eyes longevity and another Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby Never attended anyone else’s Stanley Cup party. So, when he helped fellow Nova Scotian and good friend Nathan McKinnon celebrate this summerLet Crosby loose. As he recently joked, Crosby was “the fifth most drunken person out there.”

Are we seeing a relaxed Crosby going on his 18th NHL weather?


“He’s as intense as ever,” said McKinnon, who has long trained with Crosby during the summer break.

That intensity was on display on Monday morning the PenguinThe practice facility, where Crosby leads practice, setting a frantic pace during one of the final unofficial player workouts before training camp opens on Thursday.

Still, a few hours later, we comfortably saw Crosby again: smiling as he walked up to a suburban Pittsburgh home to deliver a special package to Penguins season ticket holders. He posed for a picture helping the family’s eldest son, the captain of their junior varsity high-school club, ask a girl to return home (she said yes) Later, Crosby held tight to a temporary, home-made drawing of the house, which contained his number 87 from the youngest daughter of the family. A few signed autographs and photographs later, he leaves to deliver another package to the other family.

Sharp, then rest.

(Rob Rossi / Athletic)

On Tuesday, Crosby took on a different version of the duel vibes. Again, his day will begin with a shepherd’s workout at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. Later, he was the main attraction for the annual golf outing with the team advertisers. That means putting aside his competitive side at least a little bit — he says he wants to be great at golfing — to be respected around sponsors.

Sharp, then rest. Even conciliator.

Perhaps it’s Crosby’s latest version, whose significance to penguins remains unmatched all these years later. He is his greatest on-and-off-ice asset, being a manager for the organization, a leader held in such high esteem by everyone who collects checks from Fenway Sports Group. The prospects also expected to play with Crosby, as a winger. Nathan LegareNotice how special Crosby is from afar.

“Sydney Crosby sets the standard pretty high,” Legare said. “Everyone has to shop in the same direction. I think when you see the best player working 100 percent every day, you wake up and want to do the same thing. He’s the best in the league and he’s the biggest.” Examples are what you can get.”

Penguin management kept Crosby in the loop during off-season talks with his longtime teammates and dear friends Evgeny Malkin And Chris Letang this summer. Crosby addressed his participation in those talks on Monday, saying he “tried to stay up to date with everything” and that “I don’t want to upset people.”

Nevertheless, Penguins and NHL sources confirmed it. athletic that crosby express your feelings A league source said to management that their wish was “for Geno and Tanger to stay”, and that Crosby would visit Malkin at his home in Miami “to check on his friend when the conversation was too long”. was not going well”.

It all worked out. The Penguins’ Big Three are together. GM Ron Hextall chose to bring back the so-called band (with a few new additions on defense) to take another shot at a fourth Stanley Cup title, which would lead Crosby to his back-to-back championships / Con Smyth exploded in 2016. and was dropped since 2017.

crosby snuck a world Cup The hockey/most outstanding player achievement in the midst of those cups goes on with the Penguins to cement their place as the undisputed player of their generation. He was then in his late 20s. He is now 35 years old and is no longer the consensus—or even the most sought after—as the world’s finest hockey player.

He attended the NHL’s annual media summit in Las Vegas last week, looking as healthy as he has always been. However, that was not the sun around which the event revolved. In fact, Crosby was able to opt out of talking to national print and online reporters, leaving that task to prefer. AvalancheKay McKinnon, The oilers, Conor McDavid and others. And when asked about those others who are the best players in the game, Crosby was not selected; In fact, only one player picked him as the second best player in the NHL.

minor? Nah.

To be there for Crosby too In conversation with the best people His brilliance, drive and historical greatness are a testament after 17 grueling seasons. Again, he remains very proud, and former Penguins teammate Ryan Malone speculates that Crosby listens when people say elite among the younger generation – in front of McDavid, McKinnon and Maple Leafs, Austin Mathews – Has gone beyond that.

“I promise you he doesn’t think so,” Malone said.

Nor did McKinnon, the NHL player outside of Pittsburgh who knows Crosby best. During his Cup day and his training sessions, McKinnon gave Crosby a refresh.

“I think he’s in a new chapter in his career,” McKinnon said. “He wants to play at the elite level for as long as possible and this is a new challenge for him… which is good,” he said.

“Sid had such an amazing season last year that he should have been there for MVP as well. Obviously, the points and stuff weren’t that high, but whatever he brings to the game — everything — I don’t think any And boy is that I want in my team.

The good people of Pittsburgh need not worry. Crosby has three years left on his current contract. They told athletics Josh Yohe he wants to play another six seasons and has publicly stated that he wants to retire with Penguin.

As shown last summer, Crosby’s wishes are the penguin’s command.

What more does Crosby want? Well, at McKinnon’s party, Crosby couldn’t help but notice something that had disappeared from his life.

“It just brings back memories,” he said of Lord Stanley arriving with the silver cup. “The parties. Experience. And everything you do when you win.

“I think it’s a good reminder to bring people together. You look at (McKinnon’s) family and friends and, you know, the people who are part of it… when you’re on the other side of the party .and it was good to see.

“And that’s something that drives you all the more to do it again.”

– athleticSean Gentil contributed to this story

(Top photo: Charles LeClaire / USA TODAY)

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