Love horoscope for each zodiac sign Thursday, September 22, 2022

The love horoscope for each zodiac sign in astrology is for September 22, 2022. Venus, the planet of love, is in Virgo, and Mars, the planet of passion, is in Gemini.

Tension continues to rise in the sky as Venus continues to be challenged by many planets on Thursday. Usually communication will be the cure for our love problems, but many zodiac signs would prefer to keep their intimate thoughts and feelings to themselves while Mercury is retrograde.

When Venus is in Virgo, it is a sign of loss, In Virgo, he is logical, but Neptune is watching him from across the universe. Neptune sabotages her resolve, and she feels the call of adventure, but that may not be a good thing.

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Neptune rules lies and deception, which could mean that a relationship that began this week may need a set of rose-tinted glasses to keep the cause away. Or, we can barely fall in love, only to realize later that what we thought was right, really isn’t.

Venus has been burning with the Sun’s rays for the past few weeks, and so her ability to love has been hidden, but the good news is that it doesn’t last long.

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